Ramadhan, kangeeeen~~~~

Minggu, 11 Juli 2010

Tiba-tiba gw kangen Ramadhan..

kira-kira umur gw nyampe ngga ya supaya bisa ketemu Ramadhan besok?

oh God.. I really missed those moment..

when the sound of murattal chanting and echoing everywhere..

when the Adzan feels sooooooo much different and more calming..

when the atmosphere feels really peaceful everyday..

when every single step you take and every little thing you do started with "Bismillah", you'll received uncountable goodness for it..

even when you're asleep, there's a goodness on it..

there are no reason to be sad, for Ramadhan is our month of glory, month of joy, month of happiness!

"Fastabiqul Khairat"

"Race for goodness"

and the goodness is all for you

a day without a single drip of water and a single slice of food from dawn till dusk? it doesn't even matter, compared with what you'll received.

30 days without the same thing? it's not a problem..

the real problem is, how do you control your lust, anger, envy, wrath, pride, sloth, and your gluttony. So your fast wouldn't be a waste..

aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh~~~~~~ I love the murattal chanting at dawn and at night, it will bring me to a very pleasant dream, and make me feel so peaceful..

to put it simply: I'M WAITING FOR RAMADHAN!!(>.<)


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