Minggu, 20 Juni 2010

puisi ini gw buat untuk sekedar mengingatkan, betapa manusia sudah merusak alam, dan inilah bukti dari keegoisan manusia.. bukannya gw merendahkan manusia ya, gw juga manusia nih..


-Aruga Perbawa-
For human, nature gives them everything.
For nature, human gives them nothing.

There's no solution but pollution.

Now hear the world crying in pain,
and a lots of creature dying in vain.

And when nature roars with anger,
all human will be in danger.

The light turning into pitch black,
and that's when nature gives them a payback.

As the wind blows rapidly,
and human just couldn't flee.

As the sky's turning dark,
everything only heard just like bark.

As the seas and the lakes going dry,
all we could do is just cry.

As the trees are trembling,
you cannot speak just mumbling.

As the mountains goes avalanche,
and there's nothing such as "chance".

As the volcanoes on fire,
the beautiful view goes dire.

And there's no water in the well,
since you change the world into a hell

is it going to happen?
or could we turn the hell into heaven?

Ask for yourself.
And read the book in your shelf.

Search for knowledge.
And make yourself a pledge.

That you'll take care of nature,
instead of destroying them with a tractor.

Because when nature goes mad,
anything good will turn bad.


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